Dan Goldman raising his right hand
Dan Goldman outside in the street

I want to personally thank you for contributing to my campaign for New York Attorney General as a Founding Donor. Your support means so much to me and I’m truly grateful.”

In just three weeks, in large part because of you, we launched a movement for accountability, one standard of justice, and equal rights for all. You were instrumental in helping us to lay the groundwork to build on our momentum and win this race. Thank you for your leap of faith in a first-time candidate like me.

Leaving this race was a difficult decision, and while it was the right choice to support Attorney General Letitia James in the work she is doing, I want to make sure that we also do right by you.

As we close our campaign’s books, I would like to refund everyone’s contributions to the campaign, no matter how big or small, no questions asked. To get your refund, please let us know by filling out your information above by December 31, 2021.

If you choose not to request a refund, I’ll make sure to put your contribution to good use in pursuit of my lifelong quest to ensure there is one standard of justice for all.

I set out to run an honorable campaign that abided by the same respect, dignity, and integrity I believe we should all expect of our leaders. I want you to know that you should expect nothing less from me in my future endeavors.

Thank you again for your support and faith in me.



Dan Goldman talking to people outside a store